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Welcome to Medicon Bridge. We connect medicine and technology!

Medicon Bridge is a collaborative platform to initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia in southern Sweden.

Founded by Region Skåne and Lund University, our mission is to fully utilize the expertise in the region for the development and implementation of novel biomedical technology for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers.

In addition, Medicon Bridge forms the southernmost regional node of MedTech4health (MT4H), one of VINNOVAs strategic innovation programmes, funding collaborative projects bridging medicine and technology.

Find below information on Medtech4Health and the founders of Medicon Bridge



MT4H, a swedish program for strategic innovation in healthcare

Medtech4Health is a Swedish strategic innovation program that supports innovation in Medical Technology.

The program is funded by Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA with an approved budget of 97 MSEK for the first 3 year period. Most of this funding is made available through calls.

For more information please refer to the MedTech4Health website



Region Skåne 

Region Skåne is responsible for healthcare and public transport, business development, culture, infrastructure, social planning and environmental and climate-related issues in Skåne.

Together with the municipalities in Skåne, institutes of higher education, organizations and trade and  industry, Region Skåne operates on a broad front to create health, development and sustainable growth in Skåne.

For more information on research conducted within Region Skåne please refer to the website



Lund University

Lund University was founded in 1666 and has been a centre of culture and Learning ever since. Today, it is one of Sweden’s foremost universities, in an internationally leading position.

At Lund University comprehensive research in the field of biomedical technology is conducted, with annual funding summing up to more than 400 MSEK and involving 180 people.

For more information on this research please refer to the website (Swedish only).

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