Södra Sverige är hem för ett stort antal medicintekniska företag. På sidan försöker vi att samla adresser och information om dessa företag, också som ett samlat dokument till höger.

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A.Menarini DiagnosticMalmöMenarini Diagnostics is committed to bringing innovative solutions in the In Vitro Diagnostics market and to the development of high-tech diagnostics systems and reagents to improve patients' quality of life, providing healthcare professionals with the best possible solutions for their diagnostics needs. With extensive investments in research, strategic alliances and presence in the healthcare community, Menarini's efforts are in two main areas: diabetes care products and laboratory productsmenarinidiagnostics.se1976
AB FIA Odarslövs möllaSödra SandbyAB FIA Odarslövs mölla provides products and services to several business areas, primarily to laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. A wide range of laboratory supplies and instruments. For the instruments developed, such as the lung simulator and the chewing apparatus the company provides contract research services including lab analysis and data evaluation.fia.se1987
Acarix ABMalmöAcarix manufactures Acarix CADScor® System, an all-in-one system to record and process previously non – detectable heart sounds. The device combines acoustic detection of turbulent arterial flow and myocardial movement with advanced algorithms in a handheld device to provide a patient specific CAD-score immediately on the device screen.acarix.com2009
AcouSort ABLundAcouSort AB develops methods and devices for the isolation, enrichment, and analysis of cells or other microscopic organelles (e.g. exosomes, extracellular vesicles, or bacteria) for clinical and research applications based on acoustophoresis. The company provides solutions enabling cell/particle preparation and handling to third-party diagnostic systems.acousort.com2010
ADCARE ABHelsingborgAdcare AB is a medical company with direct operations in the Nordic countries (Sweden,Denmark,Norway and Finland). The company specialised in urology, vascular Interventions (Interventional Radiology), Endoscopy (Gastro and Bronchoscopy).adcarenordic.com
Airsonett ABÄngelholmAirsonett® is a Swedish medical technology company engaged in non-pharmacological treatment of patients with allergic severe asthma and eczema. Airsonett® Air4 is a non-invasive medical device for home treatment based on the patented technology Temperature-regulated laminar airflow (TLA).airsonett.eu2000
AITEN HEALTH ABVellingeAiten health AB provides digital solution for the chronic disease, high blood pressure. The company gives suggestions and solutions to improve the life of people suffering from high BP.aitenhealth.com2018
Aktiv Ortopedteknik ABMalmöAktiv Ortopedteknik operates orthopedic technology centers in 17 locations across Sweden. We receive patients via referral as well as private individuals who are in need of orthoses, sitting aids, prostheses and orthopedic shoes or inserts.aktivortopedteknik.se
Alfa eCare ABMalmoAlfa eCare develop simple and popular digital solutions for health and care. The company's customers include municipalities, regions, dentists, healthcare companies and rehab companies, dietitians and chiropractors.

Alfa eCare helps customers deliver patient safety and security for their employees, users, patients and their relatives. By combining state-of-the-art technical expertise with sensitivity to the needs of the business and users, they
make it easy to do the right thing.
Aligned BioLundAligned Bio is developing a nanowire-based, long-read DNA sequencer that will provide 8X the amount of genetic information in less time and cost than the industry leaders.
Aligned patented nanowire waveguide technology enables the detection of single fluorophore labels. Acting as a single dye detector with a billion nanowires per flow cell, this patented technology will enable a breakthrough in sequencing cost, throughput and read-length. Aligned Bio’s patented nanowire waveguide platform technology improves sensitivity to targeted disease biomarkers by orders of magnitude over standard industry protocols.
Allard Manufacturing ABMalmöAllard Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Camp Scandinavia and manufacturing unit for all the Allard Group's composite products. The product portfolio includes orthoses for both toddlers to learn to stand and walk, to adults who for various reasons need functional support for the lower leg and foot to perform daily activities. All products that we produce are developed in-house, together with the Allard Group's development team, and are covered by various intellectual property protections.allardmfg.se
Allevi ABMalmöAllevi is a e-health company engaged in developing cloud-based system (Software as a Service - SaaS) products to support the care sector in Sweden. The company provides innovative and user-friendly cloud solutions in planning and follow-up systems for performing care interventions. The company offers web services for personal assistance, home care, housing and individual as well as family care. The brands of Allevi include Aiai, Carefox, Omsorg24, Journal Digital and Tenilo and are adapted for the care industry with niche solutions.allevi.se2009
Alteco Medical ABLundAlteco Medical AB provides a solution for hospitals across the world to remove endotoxin (lipopolysaccharides, LPS) in the patient’s bloodstream to counteract the threat of endotoxemia during their hospital stay. The company's Alteco® LPS Adsorber contains a peptide that binds to Lipid A, the toxic part of LPS.altecomedical.com2002
Alyko Medical ABBjärredAlyko Medical AB distributes medtech solutions to Nordic customers mainly within Ophthalmology & Cardiology. The company is present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.alykomedical.com
Arjo Sverige ABMalmöArjo Sverige AB manufactures, markets, and sells medical equipment and integrated solutions for the care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions.arjo.com
ArjoHuntleigh ABMalmöThe ArjoHuntleigh product portfolio encompasses medical equipment and integrated solutions[clarification needed] for patient. The company provides ergonomic patient handling, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics and acute care services.arjo.com1957
Arthro Therapeutics (Joint Academy)MalmöArthro Therapeutics AB is a therapeutics company for osteoarthritis. Joint Academy is developed by Arthro Therapeutics, a healthcare company with a digital platform based on scientific evidence that digitally delivers physical therapy and patient education. The company serves thousands of patients with chronic joint pain and helps to treat the pain through the digital clinic. The company connects users with physical therapists to deliver online treatment for chronic joint pain, and include individualized exercises, interactive education, and tracking tools, etc.jointacademy.com2014
Atos Medical ABMalmöAtos Medical develops, manufactures, and markets products used in the treatment of various conditions of ear, nose and throat. The company specializes in products for patients who have a total laryngectomy, where their voice boxes are surgically removed. Atos offers throat products, including protrach dual care products, voice prosthesis supplies with smart-inserter, puncture sets, provox NID products, heat and moisture exchanger (HME) systems, etc.atosmedical.com1986
Avidicare ABLundAvidicare AB is a research-based medtech company with technology for the management of airborne bacteria and virus contamination in hospitals. Opragon® is the company’s major product and Opragon is a complete product line for the reduction of airborne bacterial contamination for various hospital environments, primarily for infection-sensitive surgery.avidicare.com2010
Axotan ABHelsingborgAxotan is active in the field of medical consumables with a special focus on stoma and wound care. Axotan was established in 1991 and is the exclusive distributor in Sweden for products manufactured by the British ostomy care company Welland Medical Ltd, a collaboration that began in 1993. Axotan also represents the Norwegian Hansen Protection AS in Sweden and markets their ostomy belt, for hernia and support.
Knowing and correctly understanding the customers' needs is the focus of operations at Axotan, but also with our suppliers. This has led to unique and successful products better adapted to customers' needs. Our goal is to always have satisfied customers who feel well received, and to give our customers the fastest possible help and information!
B!BBInstruments ABLundB!BBInstruments AB develops a proprietary and portfolio of biopsy instruments for early cancer diagnosis to address significant unmet diagnostic quality needs. EndoDrill®, with drilling function that enables earlier and more accurate cancer diagnosis, especially in deeply situated tumors.bibbinstruments.com2013
Beamonics ABLundThe core technologies of Beamonics focus on understanding and analyzing particles and gases in our atmosphere. We develop and equip our users with generic and customized optical systems to analyze air compositions in, for example, confined spaces in a lab or remote sensing setups.beamonics.se
Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy ABHelsingborgBD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories. The company provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.bd.com
Berner MedicalMalmöBerner Medical is part of a division of Bröderna Berner AB, which is a subsidiary of privately owned Berner Aktiebolag in Helsinki and has extensive experience in deliveries to hospitals and healthcare facilities.
In Sweden, Berner Medical delivers to both regions and private healthcare providers.
The company's head office is in Malmö and the products are stored and distributed from a warehouse south of Stockholm.
Bioimplant Scandinavia ABLundA Med Tech Company developing, manufacturing and marketing artificial finger joint implants and associated accessories for perform hand surgery.1989
Biora ABMalmöBiora AB engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of biotechnology-based products. The company's principal product, EmdogainGel, promotes the regain of tooth-supporting tissues, which have been lost due to periodontal disease.straumann.com1986
Bone Support ABLundBonesupport Holding AB is a Sweden-based orthobiologics company. The company develops and commercializes injectable bioceramic bone graft substitutes which remodel to host bone and have the capability to elute drugs directly into the bone void.bonesupport.com2000
Boston Scientific Nordic ABHelsingborgBoston Scientific is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices whose products are used in a range of interventional medical specialties, including interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, peripheral interventions, neuromodulation, neurovascular intervention, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopy, oncology, urology and gynecology.

Boston Scientific Sverige AB markets products developed by Boston Scientific international.
BrainCool ABLundBrainCool AB is a medical device company focused on developing innovative technologies in the areas of medical cooling for indications of stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. The company develops and markets products for the use of cooling in medicine.braincool.se2010
Brotech ABHöganäsWith base on the beautiful "Kulla" peninsula in Höganäs we deliver to all of Europe. We have more than 14 years of experience in Orthodontics. Quality products from Forestadent, Scheu, DB Orthodontics, Leone, Henry Schein, Myoresearch, Smart, Reliance, Zhermack and others.
If you are looking for a reliable partner in all situations, we are here for you! We can deliver your products day-to-day to almost any postal code in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. BroTech is your secure supplier with personal service and high quality.
Camp Scandinavia ABHelsingborgCamp Scandinavia provides products for orthopaedic rehabilitation in the Nordic countries. The company's products include hand and wrist orthoses, breast prostheses, soft neck collars, braces, etc.camp.se1954
CapishMalmöCapish is a software solutions company developing tools and processes for the integration, exploration and visualization of data.capish.com2001
CapSenze HBLundCapSenze HB is a Swedish company that develops and markets flow-based assays and biosensors. The company's products include CapSenze biosensor system and CapSenze flow system.capsenze.se2010
Cardiolund ABLundCardiolund provides state-of-the-art software for analysis of cardiac databases and cardiac devices. The company's product portfolio of advanced ECG signal analysis algorithms, which are particular well-suited for use with simplified ECG measurements, such as those recorded with mobile devices and embedded devices.cardiolund.com2010
Cefar-Compex Medical ABMalmöCefar-Compex Medical AB develops and manufactures electrotherapy products for nerve and muscle stimulation to customers in public and private healthcare. The company offers medical devices that provide solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health, and pain management. The company provides transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation products for aches and pains, nausea treatment, incontinence treatment, rehabilitation, and wound healing products;
and electrodes for medical professionals, home treatment, fitness/well-being, and sports. Cefar-Compex Scandinavia is part of Enovis.
Cefar-Compex Scandinavia ABMalmöCefar-Compex Scandinavia AB develops and manufactures electrotherapy products for nerve and muscle stimulation to customers in public and private healthcare. The companyoffers medical devices that provide solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health, and pain management.1975
CellaVision ABLundCellaVision is a global medical technology company that develops and sells the systems for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids in health care services. The company's products rationalize manual laboratory work, and secure and support effective workflows and skills development within and between hospitals. The company also focuses on image analysis, artificial intelligence and automated microscopy.cellavision.com1994
Cellevate ABLundCellevate AB is a biotech company that develops the next generation of cell culture systems. The company's products include Cellevate 3D™ Petri Dish, Cellevate 3D™ 4-Well Plate, Cellevate 3D™ 6-Well Plate etc.cellevate.com2014
CeramLundCeram engaged in the manufacture and sales of medical instruments.1993
Chemotechnique MB Diagnostics ABVellingeChemotechnique Diagnostics AB develops and produces haptens for patch testing applications in the diagnosis of contact dermatitis. The company offers haptens and skin markers, IQ Ultra & IQ Ultimate patch testing chamber units. The company also provides application devices, reading plates, skin markers, chemo nickel and cobalt tests, plastic hapten trays, and UV lamps.chemotechnique.se1981
Chromalytica ABMalmöChromalytica AB is a privately held Swedish limited liability company operating under Swedish laws. The company develops, produces and markets instruments and related concepts primarily based on GC-UV technologies to the medical diagnose market.chromalytica.com2010
Cleer4u ABMalmöWe have succeeded in creating a product that speeds up healing and makes life a little better for people who suffer from mouth ulcers. CLEERPLUS® has proven to be effective for insect bites, small wounds, blisters and has the potential to be used in more areas. In 2019, we will continue the work of documenting new potential areas of use, in case of skin problems, where CLEERPLUS® can become an attractive alternative.cleerplus.com2016
Clinical Laserthermia Systems ABLundClinical Laserthermia Systems AB develops and sells the TRANBERG® |Thermal Therapy System including sterile disposable products for the minimally invasive treatment of cancerous tumors, in accordance with regulatory approvals in EU and USA. The products are marketed for image-guided laser ablation (FLA, LITT) and for treatment with imILT®, the company’s interstitial thermotherapy with a potentially immune stimulating effect.clinicallaser.se2006
Clinova Medical ABMalmöClinova Medical AB focuses on development, manufacture and sale of equipment for respiratory therapy.clinova.se
Colzyx ABLundColzyx develops completely new and innovative wound care and antimicrobial products. The company develops a novel innovative wound matrix, WOUNDCOM, where the company’s proprietary bioactive molecules are used a surface coating.

Colzyx WOUNDCOM project is utilizing Effectors molecules which are bioactive parts from the biological host-defense protein human collagen VI, which has evolved to initiate, stimulate and control normal physiological wound healing processes as well exhibiting clear antimicrobial effects. Thus, Colzyx Effector molecules have both a pronounced wound-healing effect as well as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, against both normal and multidrug resistant bacteria.
Compacta ABLundCompacta develops a product, Compactasteril which generates a well-defined air zone over the operating area, independent of the environment and enables more surgical procedures, increased flexibility and reduced need for antibiotics. The basic idea of the product is to create a micro Op room with a limited microbiological and particle-free volume over a work surface. Supplemented with Op-light and equipment necessary for the business.compactasteril.com2013
Corsmed ABLundCorsmed has a strong academic background, and was founded in 5 years of MR research from Lund University, Sweden. We conduct research on an ongoing basis, and share them here on our website. We push the technological frontier of medical imaging to ensure that it can be utilized to its full potential. We build the most proficient MRI simulation platform in the world - "The flight simulator of MRI" corsmed.com
Cortec Medical ABMalmöCortec Medical AB is a Swedish private company specialized in the Nordic marketing and sales of medical devices under exclusive or non-exclusive distributorship agreements with producers in various countries.cortec.com1994
Cross Technology Solutions ABLundCross Technology Solutions AB has developed LifePod, which monitors the lifestyle of groups of patients at a distance. The company has been working with the development of disruptive technologies for diabetes patients for several years. The LifePod-platform is today used at three hospitals in Sweden for patients with coronary heart disease. .cross-solutions.com2004
CYTO365 ABHöganäsCYTO365 is a distruptive startup that innovates fail-safe medical devices. The company produces CYTO365 IV set that reduces the risks of administrating drugs through infusion.cyto365.com2013
Decon ABABDecon AB is active in developing and producing accessories for wheelchairs.decon.se2002
Dianovator ABMalmöDianovator AB is a start-up in diabetes technology, developing a patient-specific decision support system for improved glycemic control by optimized insulin dosing.

Dianovator’s offering consists of tools for improved glucose control in insulin-treated diabetes. web-based platform allows patients and their caregivers to gain novel insights on how the insulin management should be adjusted for a more even glucose level.
Dignitana ABLundDignitana AB is a medical technology company which develops, manufactures, and markets scalp cooling medical technology systems. The company offers DigniCap, a scalp-cooling system used during chemotherapy to eliminate or reduce hair loss.dignitana.com2000
DiProServa Medical ABMalmöDiProServa Medical AB develops Windi®, a natural aid for infants with colic and other gas problems.fridababy.se2006
Distributed Medical ABLundDistributed Medical AB provides IP-network based solutions for medical imaging (collection, distribution and storage of live as well as still images). The products are IP-network based solutions for medical imaging, specialized in implementation (radiology, surgical documentation, education etc.) but general and multi-versatile in terms of technology. The products are state-of-the-art solutions for recording, viewing, distributing and storing surgical and medical video documentation.distributedmedical.com2006
DJO Nordic ABMalmöDJO is a provider of orthopedic devices with a range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. The company in Sweden focus on the sales and distribution of these medical devices.enovis-medtech.eu
Docly Healthcare ABMalmöDocly Healthcare AB provides a proven, digital healthcare solution to patients, government bodies, and practices in Sweden and the UK. Docly was founded by a doctor and created for doctors.docly.com2018
Edwards Lifesciences Nordic ABMalmöEdwards Lifesciences is a company which focuses on the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. The company partners with clinicians to develop innovative technologies in the areas of structural heart disease and critical care monitoring that enable them to save and enhance lives. In Sweden,the company is engaged in sales and distribution.edwards.com
Engaging Solutions ABMalmöEngaging Solutions AB is a software company providing a cloud-based platform to healthcare clinics. The company develops a KindApp which is a secure platform for patient communication, knowledge sharing and tools that are easy to implement and use. Kind enables to safely manage patient communication and information in one place.kind.app2017
Entomed Medtech ABSvedalaEntomed MedTech AB offers service and calibration services for audiometers, tympanometers and other medical equipment used in ear-nose-throat medicine. The company's main customers are primary care, school health care, occupational health care, ear-nose-throat physicians, audiologists and other staff who work with the diagnosis of ear-nose-throat diseases. The company also sells equipment used for diagnostics in ear-nose-throat medicine, such as audiometers, otoscopes, tympanometers, spirometers, OAE equipment, hearing cages etc.entomedmedtech.se2009
Enzymatica ABLundEnzymatica is a Swedish life science company that develops and sells medical products against common infectious diseases. The development includes medical devices in upper respiratory infections and oral health, as well as veterinary products in oral health and dermatology.enzymatica.se2007
EPS Vascular ABVikenEPS Vascular AB is a medical device distributor in the Nordic & Baltic's within the field of interventional cardiology. The company brings together all the latest technology in the areas of complex PCI and Chronic Total Occlusion.epsvascular.com2009
ErgoNordic ABMalmöErgoNordic AB deals with the development, import and marketing of health care products. The company's products are mainly in the areas such as ostomy products, medical personal scales and length meter, neonatal and infant products such as cribs and care products, sample table with accessories for positioning and support and products for surgery.ergonordic.se1986
Erol ABMalmöErol AB is a supplier of medical technology products in gynecology and IVF. Our customers are both public and private healthcare providers and specialists throughout Sweden.
Our products actively contribute to a qualitative and safe treatment in reproduction, endometrial biopsy, hydrosonography and hysterosalpingography.
ETAC Sverige ABEslövEtac was founded in 1973 and is a world-leading developer and supplier of ergonomic aids and aids for patient transfers and lifting. The purpose of our business is to offer solutions that improve the quality of life for users, their families and caregivers.etac.com1973
European Institute of Science ABLundThe European Institute of Science manufactures and sells veterinary diagnostic assays. The company focuses on the diagnostic assays and instrumentation for canine, feline, and equine animals.euris.org1990
EXINI Diagnostics ABLundEXINI Diagnostics AB develops and sells diagnostic software software solutions. The Company has developed CAD-technology based solution that can be uset to examine images of heart, brain and whole body bone images taken with a gamma camera.exini.com1999
F.Ad. Müller Söhne ABLundF.Ad. Müller Söhne is a company dedicated to the production and fitting of artificial eyes made of glass. With an eye prosthesis, a patient that has lost an eye due to an accident, illness or otherwise, can have an artificial eye whose look is very similar to the remaining.muellersohne.se
Fahl Scandinavia ABLundFahl Scandinavia AB is the provider of quality products and solutions for airway management with a focus on tracheostomy and laryngectomy care. The company focuses on providing aspirators, inhalers, tracheostomy, tracheostomy valves, tracheal, speech aids, etc.fahl-scandinavia.se2017
Ferle Produkter ABÖdåkraFerle Produkter is a Nordic company, which specializes in substance abuse analyzes, ie all types of analyzes and counseling. The company business is to develop products, primarily drug tests, in collaboration with both customers and suppliers, which cover many different needs.ferle.se1995
Finn Medicinen Scandinavia ABMalmöFinn Medicinen develops products and services that use today's available technology to simplify the use of medicines.medeon.se
Fisher Scientific Gtf ABLundFisher Scientific Sweden is a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Fisher Scientific is a supplier of laboratory equipment with over 400,000 articles from leading manufacturers, divided into four product areas: Chemicals, Consumption, Instruments and appliances, Biotechnology.fishersci.com2007
Flow Neuroscience ABMalmöFlow Neuroscience develops a new kind of depression treatment which combines an easy-to-use brain stimulation headset with an engaging, personalized mobile app to target both the physical and behavioural elements of major depressive disorder (MDD).flowneuroscience.com2016
Gambro Lundia AB/BaxterLundGambro Lundia, bought by Baxter in 2013 is a global medical technology company that manufactures products for dialysis treatmentbaxter.se1964
Gantus ABLundGantus AB offer quality in-house training and e-learning courses on project management and risk management in medical device product development.medicaldevicehq.com2007
GCE Norden ABMalmöGCE Norden AB gas equipment company. The company's product portfolio includes a range of applications, from simple pressure regulators and welding nozzles for welding and cutting to sophisticated gas supply systems for the medical and electronic industry.gcegroup.com
G-coder Systems ABr Systems ABG-coder Systems offers joysticks and joystick systems with accessories for demanding simulation and process control in medical, industrial, and media segments. The company provides lifelike training instruments as part of the Simball 4D concept which radically enhances the sense of the reality of simulation training.g-coder.com2005
GelExcell Competence ABLundGelExcell Competence AB is a newly established company aimed at developing innovative hydrogel products to treat different skin conditions.

The company's proprietary formulation is easy to scale up and manufacture and contains skin friendly and cosmetic/medical grade ingredients.
Germa ABKristianstadGerma AB manufacture and supplies medical and dental instruments. The company's products include stretcher/transfer mattresses, vacuum mattresses, vacuum splints, Ferno products, and spider straps, etc.germa.se1925
Gertab SjukvårdsprodukterLommaThe company carries out the sales and manufacture of health and medical care items.gertab.se1985
Getinge Svergie ABMalmöGetinge provides solutions for operating rooms, intensive-care units, Hospital wards, sterilization departments, elderly care and for life science companies and institutions. Getinge products include FLOW-i C20 Anesthesia Delivery System, FLOW-i C30 Anesthesia Delivery System, etc.getinge.com1904
Glycoprobe ABLundGlycoprobe's activities is research, development and manufacture of carbohydrate-based products in the biotechnology and medicaltechnology industry. Glycoprobe AB is part of Glycorex transplantation AB.2007
Glycorex ABLundGlycorex AB manufactures research quantities and large scale quantities of bioactive carbohydrates, neoglycoconjugates, reagents and affinity materials for research and commercial applications within the Glycobiology field.

Glycorex employs a proprietary enzymatic production technology.
Glycorex Transplantation ABLundGlycorex Transplantation AB is a medical technology company. The company’s medical devices enable transplants across the blood groups saving lives and providing health economic benefits by increasing the number of transplants.glycorex.com1996
GM Gröndorf Medical ABHelsingborgGM Medical AB markets biomedical devices and consumables within the areas of anesthesia, intensive care, pediatrics and obstetrics, and pain management. Administration, stock, development and other functions are performed by the company's HQ in Denmark.gm-medical.com
GN Hearing Sverige ABMalmoGN Hearing Sverige AB constantly strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing, The company sell and market a complete range of hearing aids under two different brands - ReSound and Beltone.gnhearing.se1995
Gordiamkey ABMalmöOur mission is to empower pathology, histology and cytology laboratories through the latest and most innovative cutting-edge solutions. Behind every one of our products there is a blend of innovation, development, passion for excellence and dedication to our customers. We strive to deliver the simplest, leanest, most effective solutions.gordiamkey.com
GPX Medical ABLundGPX Medical AB is revolutionizing neonatal intensive care with NEOLA®, a medical device that can offer continuous lung monitoring and real-time alerts of life-threatening complications using a cutting-edge technology that measures lung volume changes and oxygen gas concentration. The company’s proven technology uses laser spectroscopy to continuously measure lung volume changes and oxygen gas concentration in preterm infants.gpxmedical.se2016
Gutfeeling Labs ABLundGutfeeling Labs is specialising in the analysis of the microbiome by next generation sequencing. The company provides individualised information on both bacterial composition and on functions of the intestinal flora that could potentially promote well-being.gutfeelinglabs.se
Healthmind ABMalmöHealthmind AB is a health management service company based at the research park Medeon Science Park. The company is focused on knowledge-intensive companies in life science. Healthmind is subject to the National Board of Health and Welfare's Patient Safety Act (2010: 659)The company provides low cost healthcare, benefits and support people who are at risk of getting chronic diseases by actively working to change their lifestyle.healthmind.se
HemoCue ABÄngelholmHemoCue AB develops, produces, and markets medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing markets. The company offers anemia screening and hemoglobin testing systems; HbA1c 501 system, an automated point-of-care system for white blood cell count hematology; glucose systems, hand-held spectrophotometers for screening and diagnosing diabetes mellitus, and gestational diabetes; Hb 301 system kits for mobile anemia screening; albumin 201 system that provides quantitative determination of albumin in urine; and cleaners, safety lancets, and control materials. The company provides its products for use in various clinical applications, such as blood bank, general practice and primary care, neonatal/pediatric care, and obstetrics and gynecology, as well as veterinary applications.hemocue.se1988
Hjälpmedelsteknik Sverige ABLommaAssistive Technology Sweden is one of Sweden's largest and first private service companies in the assistive technology industry. The company is a major player in the service of technical aids and also in the sale of aids to the private market through their stores in Lomma and Kristianstad.hjalpmedelsteknik.se1999
Hygiene of Sweden ABLandskronaWe set a new standard in hand hygiene by offering highly effective products that are safe for you and the environment. That's why we keep our products as natural as possible by including a minimal amount of active chemical substances, without compromising effectiveness.hygieneofsweden.com
Iconovo ABLundIconovo AB develops medical devices. The company offers proprietary inhalation products. The company provides inhalers for medications used in the treatment of asthma and respiratory disorders.iconovo.se2013
Igelösa Life ScienceLundIgelösa Life Science is a medical research centre located in Lund, Sweden. Since 1998, we have facilitated the development of several pioneering innovations and helped bringing them into clinical practice. We continue to advance the fields of transplantation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and preventive medicine.igelosa.com1998
ImaCor ABLundImacor is a core lab consulted for quantitative assessment of ischemic heart disease using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) and myocardial spect perfusion imaging (MPS). The company provides lab services to clients for public and private organisations engaging in medical or scientific activities.imacor.se2010
Immunovia ABLundImmunovia AB is a diagnostic company that is developing and commercializing blood tests for the early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases based on Immunovia’s proprietary test platform called IMMray™. Tests are based on antibody biomarker microarray analysis using advanced machine-learning and bioinformatics to single-out a set of relevant biomarkers that indicate a certain disease.immunovia.com2007
In2cure ABLundIn2cure is a company that exploits new scientific discoveries on natural host defenses for novel therapies. The company specializes in the development of proprietary peptide-based drugs for prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases and infections.in2cure.com2013
Infonomy ABLundInfonomy AB specializes in building sensor network solutions that capture and deliver the value of company's physical data. The company’s proprietary iCore platform collects data from virtually any sensor, interprets, analyzes and makes sense of the data; giving the right information in the preferred format.infonomy.com2009
Innovosens ABMalmöInnovosens aims for professionals and patients to easily sense and access health data more easily with wearable biosensors and connected health IOT platforms. Innovosens AB is a developer of a next generation wearable monitoring device for diabetics.
Innovosen's first product, SMASH (Sweat Metabolite Analysis for Sports & Health) is a non-invasive, continuous monitoring, multiparametric sweat sensor, capable of sensing glucose, lactate and other electrolytes.
Inoris Medical ABMalmoInoris Medical AB is a Swedish manufacturer and distributor of medical devices. The company designs, develops and builds endoscopy accessories. The company offers mouthpieces for endoscopy, endotracheal tube attachments, endotracheal pressure indicators, as well as disposable medical shavers.inoris.pl2000
Intigena Nordic AbHelsingborgAs one of Europe's leading suppliers of hygiene products in the categories of baby diapers, pants, feminine hygiene and incontinence, we have specialised in the particular requirements of drugstores, discounters and retailers.
We have been successfully developing and producing hygiene products for babies and adults in the private-label sector for more than 25 years. Consumer wellbeing has always been our main focus. Our products are characterised by quality, wearing comfort and protection.
Invent Medic Sweden ABLundInvent Medic develops and markets medicinal products with focus on women’s health, mainly on female incontinence. Invent Medic is developing a vaginal medicinal device to treat incontinence.inventmedic.com2005
Isakssons Gummifabrik ABBåstadIsakssons Gummifabrik AB offers natural rubber products for dentistry, healthcare and the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to provide functional, user-friendly and safe products that maintain high quality and are manufactured using well-tested methods. Our focus is to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers by offering products that provide added value for the end user.isakssonsgummifabrik.com1949
ITACiH ABLunditACiH develops IT solutions to help more care at home. The company's goal is to provide operational support that can handle the entire complex care situation around the care taker.itacih.se2012
J.H. Orsing ABHelsingborgJ.H. Orsing AB develops, manufacturers, and markets saliva ejectors and aspirating tubes for the dental industry in Europe and internationally. The company's products include Hygoformic® Bio, Hygovac® Bio, Hygosurge, etc.orsing.se1950
Jag Patient ABLundJag Patient AB is a healthcare company. The company creates and manages databases that combine unidentified, patient-centred, real-time data, combined with patient-entered values, to help patients, carers and healthcare professionals better understand disease from a patient perspective. The Jag Patient cloud-based interactive database is based on unidentified real-time patient data that is collated from a variety of sources, including patients' electronic and paper medical records, data from relatives, data from wearables, and research and epidemiology information.jagpatient.se2015
JCM Elektronik ABLommaJCM Elektronik develops, manufactures and sells aids for the development of people with neurological disorders. The AKKA system is a unique and internationally leading mobility aid that stimulates participation, communication, cognitive, social and emotional ability as well as increased independence for people with neurological disabilities. The AKKA system is currently used by children and adults with neurological disabilities and in dementia care. The AKKA system is often used in special schools, child rehabilitation centers, preschools, nursing homes, schools and in the home environment.jcmelektronik.se1993
Jolife ABLundJolife AB develops and manufactures the LUCAS™ Chest Compression System together with complementary technologies. LUCAS™ assists first responders, paramedics, nurses, and physicians by delivering quality chest compressions without interruptions.lucas-cpr.com2000
Journal Digital Sverige ABMalmöJournal Digital Sverige AB is a system for documentation and treatment support for social work, individual and family care. The company offers digital healthcare documentation and support services for quantitative results. The company provides system support for municipal and private contractors.journaldigital.se
Kronosept ABEslövKronosept has been making high-quality Feminine Hygiene Products since 1947. Our products are sold both under the Kronosept brand name and as private labels. We are very flexible in customizing products to meet your special needs.kronosept.se1947
Krucom ABLundKrucom AB is a specialist in Healthcare-IT and focuses on information sharing between systems in diagnostic imaging.krucom.com1993
Kulzer Nordic ABHelsingborgKulzer GmbH develops products for dentists and dental technicians with an extensive product range, covering cosmetic dentistry, tooth preservation, prosthetics, periodontology and digital dentistry. Kulzer Nordic AB also manufactures and distributes dental devices.kulzer.com
Learning 2 Sleep L2S ABMalmöLearning 2 Sleep L2S AB provides a digital sleep treatment based on CBT for people suffering from insufficient sleep. The company also offers a range of clinically-proven sleep improvement programs.learningtosleep.se2010
Leuko3ena ABLundLeuko3ena is developing a platform for digitalization of allergy diagnostic. The data process is based on healthcare standards and provides decision support to the specialist.leuko3ena.se
LifeAssays ABLundLifeAssays AB is a diagnostic company focused on providing point-of-care diagnostic testing for veterinarians, community health centres and primary physicians based on patented point-of-care technology platform.lifeassays.com2000
Ljungberg & Kögel ABHelsingborgLjungberg & Kögel AB develops, manufactures, and markets blood bank equipment, as well as chemical and other medical technology products. The company introduced the first blood scale-mixer that measured flow and was equipped with a flow warning system. The company also presented the first PVC sealer with a detachable weld seam.ljungberg-kogel.com1979
Lohmann & Rauscher ABLundLohmann & Rauscher (L & R) is a supplier of medical devices and hygiene products ranging from conventional dressing material to modern treatment and nursing systems. The company's products include dermatological products, elastic bandages, lime plaster, etc.lohmann-rauscher.se
Lument ABLundLument AB develops an unique per-oral, food-based contrast agent for computerized tomography (CT) for the abdomen called Lumentin. Lumentin is a negative contrast agent that marks the small intestine clearly relative to other organs, while also making it possible to examine the intestinal mucosa in detail.lumentab.com2009
Lumito AB (publ)LundLumito AB (publ) is a Sweden-based company engaged in the healthcare sector. The Company focuses on the research of technology within the diagnostics for tissue samples. The Company develops an instrument and reagents for digital pathology, including digitized tissue diagnostics where the analysis is remote and supported with computer-based tools.lumito.se2010
LYTICS, SwedenMalmöLYTICS, Sweden is an artificial intelligence company serving the healthcare community in solving complex medical and clinical issues with point solutions. The company's focus is on chronic disease management where they collaborate with their partners in bringing game-changing solutions to patients.lytics.ai2011
M Care ABLundM Care represents Salts & Eakin, two family companies that develop and manufacture medical technology products.mcare.se
Macopharma Nordic ABHelsingborgFor many years, we have been at the forefront of innovation and striving for improvement to patient care via more efficient processes and products for the full chain of Transfusion from donor to patient. Every step of the way, we have enabled our customers to collect, process, store and distribute blood components that meet the highest safety and quality standards for patient transfusion.
This has given us the opportunity to develop a recognized, deep knowledge of all aspects of transfusion practices. With our open collaboration mindset and approach, we have been able to help and support blood banks around the world not just with our recognized products and technologies, but also through our service and input into process optimization and streamlining.
Whatever the need in blood collection, blood processing, and blood safety, you can count on Macopharma.
Magle Chemoswed ABMalmöMagle Chemoswed is a contract development and manufacturing organization, that serves companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry on a contract basis to provide services from product development through product manufacturing.

Magle Chemoswed's technology base is microporous polysaccharide Microspheres. The company is active in producing and supplying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to customers around the world.
MD International ABMalmöMD International AB operates as an online health care platform. The company runs care and vaccination clinics throughout the country.mdinternational.se2013
Medarca ABMalmöMedarca AB is a digital health tech company which offers solutions for problems concerning high inventory costs, best-before dates, supply levels and time-consuming administration in medicine management. The company's products include Meddibox ™, Meddikey ™, etc.medarca.com2018
Medbeat ABMalmöMedBeat Sweden AB is developing an ECG module for arrhythmia detection to use outside hospitals. MedBeat’s device can be used to detect a variety of arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation and correctly diagnose known symptoms or to prevent sudden cardiac death and stroke.medbeat.se2018
MedCardApps ABMalmoMedCardApps AB develops and delivers medical software applications for electronic medical journals. The product FrontDesk is designed especially for the African market with its particular requirements, to replace the use of paper records.medcardapps.com2011
MEDEXA Diagnostisk Service ABLimhamnMEDEXA Diagnostisk Service AB develops healthcare technology primarily for county councils and private clinics. The company specializes in products for obstetrical, gynecological, and dental use.medexa.se1990
Medicinsk Bildteknik Sverige ABLundMedicinsk Bildteknik Sverige AB is the medical image engineering company. The company offers vendor-neutral integration of medical audio, video, and imaging. Bildteknik solutions range from ready-to-use systems to custom-made installations. The company's systems are seamlessly connected with other hospital IT systems such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), electronic health records (EHR), radiology, and hospital information system (RIS and HIS). Serving many branches of the hospital including operating rooms, catheter labs, and radiology departments systems add comprehensive functionality to capture, display, record, archive, store, and review medical images.bildteknik.com2009
Medidyne ABÄngelholmMedidyne is a dynamic business that works with the sale of medical technology equipment for healthcare. Our primary areas of work are emergency medicine, anaesthesia, intensive care and cardiology.
Our mission, and reason for existence, is to make a difference - every day.
Mediflex ABHelsingborgMediflex AB offers service to medical technical companies and directly to healthcare providers. The company focuses on service for hospital, healthcare unit and private clinics.mediflex.se2006
Medilens Nordic ABHelsingborgMedilens Nordic AB is a medical device company operating in the field of ophthalmology in the Nordic region. The company provides products and system solutions for Cataracts, Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Vitreoretinal Diseases, Oculoplastic, Corneal – Refractive – Corneal Crosslinking CXL and Diagnostics Equipment. The company also specialises in microsurgical instrumental's care and also offers repair service.medilensnordic.com1997
Medimi ABLundMedimi AB is engaged in the development, production, and marketing of medication products. The company offers Medimi Pro and Medimi Smart computerized pill dispensers that are used by patients, consumers, and healthcare staff to follow their drug schedule. The company focus on the following market segments namely Pharmaceutical industry, Hospital and retirement homes, Home Health Care, Pharmacy and private care, and Connected Health (Telemedicine), E-Health and Integration in Other Systems.medimiab.com
Mediplast ABMalmöMediplast AB manufactures, markets, and sells medical technical equipment and disposable products for hospitals in the Nordic countries and internationally. The company offers surgery, wound care, intensive care unit, thorax/neuro, and ostomy products; ear, nose, and throat products; tabular, fixation, and support bandages; absorbent wipes; and infusion and transfusion devices.mediplast.com1960
Meditech Nordic ABHelsingborgMediTech Nordic AB markets medical technology products, where our main business areas are dialysis, infusion and transfusion medicine as well as rolling materials - treatment chairs, tables and chairs.
We are exclusive dealers for market-leading products such as dialysis cannulas and treatment chairs from German BIONIC Medizintechnik. We also sell disposable products with high quality from the world-leading manufacturer JMS (Japan Medical Supply).
Medivet Scandinavian ABÄngelholmMedivet Scandinavian AB manufactures and disributes MERS, Xray systems for large animals in Sweden.medivet.se2005
Medotemic ABLundMedotemic develops mobile systems for movement analysis that help those who are limping. The system analyzes the walking pattern using the mobile phone's existing sensors.medotemic.com
Medow ABLundMedow AB is a medtech startup company whose vision is to make health care products that bring joy, efficiency and comfort by using color and design. The company develops IV-bracelet, an easy to use bracelet to which intravenous tubes can be attached to keep them and the vascular access device in place during various kinds of treatments.medow.se2016
Medtrust Sweden ABMalmöWelcome to MED TRUST. We are a family-owned Austrian company that has developed over the past 25 years into a global specialist with the Wellion brand in the areas of diabetes, health and well-being. The driving force behind our success is our standard of high quality, which our business concept captures in a nutshell.medtrust.se
MedVasc ABLundMedVasc AB is a medical device company which focuses on developing Solutio™, a patented medical device that reduces pain when treating varicose veins. The device can painlessly anaesthetize locally, enabling doctors to refrain from the usage of sedative or pain relief treatment as a result of which patients can go home immediately after the treatment.medvasc.se2013
Medviso ABLundMedviso is a Swedish medical technology company with a mission to take the latest research into clinical routine.medviso.com2007
Miclev ABLimhamn-MalmöMiclev AB supplies the Nordic market with diagnostic products, chemicals and consumables for the life science industry.miclev.se1996
My-E-Health ABMalmöMy-E-Health AB is an approved corporate rehabilitation company that offers a complete package of health and welfare services from: online psychometric assessments, medical and psychological services to workplace tests, reviews and analysis. My-E-Health provides tools for medical visits where patients fill in their medical profiles and current illnesses that require a special medical visit.my-e-health.se2018
NanoEchoLundCurrently, reliable diagnostic methods in preoperative evaluation, for lymphatic spread in rectal cancer patients are lacking – in particular, methods to rule out that rectal cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. We have identified a void in today’s care and a great need for a more reliable rectal cancer staging.

At NanoEcho, we specialize in a novel, user-friendly imaging method known as magnetomotive ultrasound. As the contrast agent for medical ultrasound imaging, we use iron-oxide-based nanoparticles. The images are generated by visualizing NanoTrace® signals and are intended to facilitate the differentiation between diseased and healthy tissue. The method makes it possible to detect cancer spread to the lymph nodes before surgery.
Neuronano ABLundOur primary focus is to develop innovative electrodes for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), with the aim to improve the quality of life in people with various neurological illnesses. The plan is to use these solutions to alleviate difficult diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s, various types of pain and epilepsy. Progress at Neuronano is achieved while navigating according to a stringent ethical compass with the course set to the greatest level of thoughtfulness and care for the people we want to help.neuronano.se2006
NOLabs ABHelsingborgNOLabs is a medical device company that intends to become the world leader in diabetes neuropathy related pain control.nolabs.com2004
Nolato MediTech ABLommaNolato MediTech develops and manufactures polymer products and systems in close cooperation with leading customers within medical technology and pharmaceuticals.nolato.com
NordiCare Ortopedi & Rehab ABVikenNordiCare Ortopedi & Rehab AB is a Swedish company that will conduct marketing and sales of health and medical care products, primarily in orthopedic technical aids, orthoses, prostheses and rehabilitation products.nordicare.se2004
Nordiska Dental ABÄngelholmNordiska Dental AB develops, manufactures and markets dental materials with packaging and accessories that make dentistry simpler and safer.nordiskadental.se1978
Novosense ABLundNovosense AB develops wireless Electrocardiography (ECG) patient monitoring system for use in cardiac care, intensive care, and operating theatres. The company is also developing sensors as consultants for medical and industrial actors.novosense.se2004
Obducat ABLundObducat AB (publ) develops and supplies lithography solutions for the use in the production and replication of advanced micro- and nanostructures. The company offers SINDRE, a nano imprint lithography for industrial production; EITRE, a nano imprint lithography for research and development purposes; and wet processing systems.obducat.com1989
Occlutech International ABHelsingborgOcclutech International AB develops, manufactures, and sells cardiac occlusion devices and various vascular implants. The company's products include Occlutech PLD, Occlutech Figulla Flex II, Occlutech Stiff Guide Wire, etc.occlutech.com
Onemed Sverige ABMalmöWelcome to OneMed Sweden. We are Sweden's leading partner for healthcare. Our offer consists of business improvement services, support systems, a comprehensive range of medical consumables and equipment. Caregivers from all over Sweden turn to us for help meeting their patients' needs. With us as a partner, they can improve the quality of care, lower total costs and at the same time improve their environmental and CSR resultsonemed.se2006
OpenLogger Systems ABMalmoOpenLogger is an Intelligent IoT monitoring system connecting all lab and hospital devices into one platform. Monitoring service for eg. temperature, carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen in laboratories.openlogger.se2010
PainDrainer ABLundPainDrainer AB is a Swedish company. The aim of the company is to address the healthcare problem costing the society more in total than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined – chronic pain. PainDrainer AB aim to deliver a disruptive tool based on advanced artificial intelligent algorithms that will meet the urgent clinical need for a novel treatment of chronic and non-malignant pain. The company’ s vision is to improve the quality of life of millions of chronic pain patients.paindrainer.com2018
Pampett ABLundPampett AB provides sensors for caregivers. The company's sensors are used to convey information in various situations, such as dementia, counteract or ameliorate ulcers, treatment of sängväteri, home care, baby care for skin problems, and rehabilitation and uroterapi.pampett.se
Pharmadent Dentallaboratorium ABMalmoPharmadent Dentallaboratorium AB is a dental technology laboratory which supplies dental equipment. The company offers bridge prosthetics, KBF, ceramics, prostheses as well as various combination work and orthodontics.pharmadent.se1987
Pharmiva ABLundPharmiva AB focuses on non-antibiotic treatment of intimate infections and sexually transmitted diseases while reinforcing the body’s natural defense system. Based on the technology platform Venerol®, the company’s first product is a medical device against bacterial vaginosis. The company develops a portfolio of pharmaceutical and medical device category products.pharmiva.com
Phase Holographic Imaging PHI ABLundPhase Holographic Imaging develops and markets time-lapse cytometry instrumentation and software products in Europe, Asia, and North America. The company’s products include HoloMonitor M3, a bench-top time-lapse cytometer with a motorized stage and variable magnification; and HoloMonitor M4 for the time analysis of living cells directly in the incubator, as well as HoloMonitor software. The company's products are used in cancer research, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, stem cell biology, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and toxicological studies.phiab.com2004
PolarCool ABLundPolarCool AB (publ) is a medical device company that develops, markets, and sells products for sports medicine. The company focuses on treatment of concussive and sub-concussive brain injury with the portable cooling device PolarCap® System.polarcool.se2017
Preisler Instrument ABLundPreisler Instrument AB is focused on equipment for the eye care.preisler.se1902
Pro Curis ABLundPro Curis develops and markets computer software for specialist dental care, including patient record systems, timekeeping systems, image management software and cefalometry software products. The company also develops programs for patient login and dental billing, which overall provides dental clinics with an overall solution.procuris.se1995
Probation Labs Sweden ABMalmöProbation Labs Sweden AB is involved in manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation. Probe Drum Lab-in-a-box is an army knife of the chemistry / life-science research lab.probedrum.se2012
Prolight Diagnostics ABLundProlight Diagnostics develops patient-based test systems based on patented technology, for use in Point Of Care Testing (POCT). The company offers products that are used to conduct diagnostic tests for heart attacks and other health conditions.prolightdiagnostics.se1999
ProstaLund ABLundProstaLund is a Swedish medtech company which is a developer and manufacturer of urological devices and treatments. CoreTherm is a patented Thermotherapy treatment method for BPH which can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual patient.prostalund.se1991
Qlucore ABLundQlucore is a new generation bioinformatics software for research and precision and companion diagnostics. The company's mission is to analyze the huge amounts of complex data generated by genomics and proteomics using visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis tools for research and precision diagnostics. Qlucore Omics Explorer software is a do-it-yourself bioinformatics software for research in the life science, plant and biotech industries, as well as academia. Qlucore Diagnostics and Qlucore Insight are software platforms with built-in AI-based machine learning for multi-omics companion and precision diagnostics.qlucore.com2007
Random Walk Imaging ABLundRandom Walk Imaging AB is developing a novel proprietary approach to diffusion MRI. RWI is commercializing dVIEWR powered by MICE Toolkit™ as a novel software solution for clinical researchers and radiologists to better visualize and analyze diffusion MRI data. The company’s software solutions introduce a level of specificity to diffusion MRI that is unprecedented and that has the potential to non-invasively differentiate pathologies affected by changes in tissue microstructure.rwi.se2008
Reccan ABLundReccan AB is a medtech company dedicated to improving the prognosis for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The company is developing an easy-to-use blood test for the early detection of pancreatic cancer. This will accurate, non-invasive, and accessible to all physicians in medical care to detect or exclude the presence of cancer.reccandiagnostics.com
Rubin Medical ABLimhamnRubin Medical AB distributes medical devices and accessories. The Company distributes branded insulin pumps, infusion sets, insulin pens, lancets, and blood sampling devices.rubinmedical.se2003
Safe Care Svenska ABMalmöSafe Care Svenska AB focus on the documentation process in the private and community health, nursing and care sector. The company provides documentation system Safe-Doc that fits very well to most activities within health care facilities.safe49.webnode.se2006
Saga Surgical ABHelsingborgSaga Surgical’s mission is to minimize the risk of infections by inventing safer medical needles.

The comapany's needles focus on the very core of infection prevention: reducing bacterial transmission into the body. Widespread antibiotic resistance means that novel approaches for infection prevention are desperately needed. They develop patented and patent pending medical needles designed for a wide range of situations where there is a risk of infection.

For example, prostate cancer is diagnosed using a biopsy needle. Up to 3% of biopsy procedures lead to sepsis, a life-threating infection, and this number is on the rise. The infection is caused by bacteria brought into the body by the biopsy needle. Their biopsy needle design reduces the bacterial transmission by 96%.
Sangair ABLundSangair has developed a groundbreaking system to treat Sepsis. The system allows for a mild treatment of the patient’s blood using active oxygen.
The system can be attached to a patient and therefore slow down and control a sepsis infection by killing bacteria present in the blood. Another positive fact is that it also oxygenates the blood, which is beneficial due to the fact that oxygen levels usually are low in Sepsis patients.
Sarstedt ABHelsingborgSARSTEDT Group develops, manufactures and sells equipment and consumables in the field of medicine and research.sarstedt.com1973
Sawbones Europe ABMalmöSawbones Europe AB creates medical training display and simulation models.sawbones.com
Scandinavian ChemoTech AB (publ)LundChemoTech is a company in the field of oncology that has developed the next generation of electroporation called TSE (Tumour Specific Electroporation™). A treatment for both humans and animals using the devices IQwave™ and vetIQure™.
ChemoTech’s first product, IQwave™, has treated several different types of cancer indications, including head and neck cancer, oral cavity cancer and breast cancer, among others. The focus is primarily palliative, i.e., relief treatment at the end of life, but the effect of the treatment can also in some cases be curative.
Scanex Medical Systems ABHelsingborgScanex Medical Systems AB markets medical equipment to hospitals and private clinics. The company also provides dental, diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy and medical therapy equipment.scanex.se1988
SensoDetect ABLundSensoDetect has developed a method for objective neurophysiological decision support for diagnostics, primarily in psychiatric health care and forensics. The technology underlying SensoDetect’s test instrument is SensoDetect® BERA which is based on brainstem audiometry and is the result of extensive research at Lund University.sensodetect.com2005
Skindicator ABMalmöEasy-to-use indicator for detecting malignant spots.skindicator.se
Smaksked Skåne ABYngsjöSmaksked Skåne AB offer a range of products and solutions, designed to complement the food, pharma and healthcare sectors. The company currently provides production of units in plastic.smaksked.com2008
SmartCare AnalyticaMalmöSmartCare has developed an automated, multifunctional and digitalized healthcare platform providing integrated services for: Pathologies, Pharmacies and all types of Healthcare Clinics. Also providing a fantastic Patient Dashboard giving a full Healthcare Overview. Initial launch of the platform will take place in 2020 in India. Further launches in Sweden, Europe and other markets from 2021.smartcare.health
Smidi ABLundSmidi AB sells, develops and mediates medical technology products in the areas of Epilepsy and Enuresis nocturna. We attach great importance to delivering high-quality products and services to municipalities and county councils.smidi.se1991
Somedic SenseLab ABSösdalaSomedic SenseLab develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic instruments for research and clinical work. The company also offers knowledge in the quantitative sensory testing (QST) range and related instruments and applications.somedic.com1971
Spago Nanomedical ABLundSpago Nanomedical is a company that develops nanomedical products for cancer diagnostics and treatment. The company focuses on developing SpagoPix, a nanomedical contrast agent for MRI, and Tumorad for tumor-selective radionuclide treatment of cancer. The company utilizes a patented platform of polymeric materials that can enable accurate diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors.spagonanomedical.se2007
SpectraCure ABLundSpectraCure AB develops treatment planning and laser light dose management for cancer treatment. The Company has developed its software IDOSE, and medical laser devices for the treatment.spectracure.com2003
Spectronic Medical ABHelsingborgSpectronic Medical is focused on developing advanced image analysis products for health care and industry. The company performs research and development in medical imaging, with special focus on automated image analysis services. Their flagship product is a software for MRI based radiotherapy planning, which enables higher precision tumor therapy with fewer side effects. The company also develops a segmentation software that is currently used with both MRI and CT in a wide range of clinical applications.spectronic.se2012
Spermosens ABLundSpermosens AB is developing a platform technology for diagnosing male-factor infertility and directing to the right infertility treatment. Spermosens’ JUNO-CHECKED uses nano-biotechnology and electrochemistry to predict the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg cell.spermosens.com2018
Speximo ABLundSpeximo AB is a research based company providing competence and a patented emulsifying technology for oil-water based products. The company offers green and sustainable stabilization of emulsions with enhanced product functionality. The technology provides opportunities ranging from stabilization of surfactant free systems to encapsulation of high value ingredients.speximo.com2012
Spirel ABMalmöSpirel AB is a Nordic distributor of smart medical devices. The company offer well-documented and proven products in dialysis treatment. The company's products include Activemotion 5, Hyalofast, Monovisc, etc.spirel.se2011
Stryker ABMalmöStryker AB operates as a subsidiary of Stryker, USA. The company distributes products produced by the parent family. The company's products include medical and surgical, and neurotechnology and spine products.stryker.com
STT Condigi ABMalmöSTT Condigi AB is a Nordic supplier of safe and effective elderly care solutions. The company's products include Carephones, Cooker Guard, Nurse call solutions, etc.sttcondigi.com1986
Suturion ABRamlösaSuturion AB develops and distributes medical technology and equipment specializing on surgery. The company's devices help minimize abdominal wall complications; reduce needle prick injuries; and promotes time efficiency and precision.suturion.com2018
Svenska Labex ABHelsingborgLABEX offers system solutions for logistics, quality assurance, diagnostic analysis and production to bloodbanks, clinical laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical industry.labex.com1973
SWIPP ABLundSWIPP AB develops patient-friendly pharmaceutical products for niche patient groups, and selects projects based on safe and well-established drug substances, limited clinical programs and that the projects must have a maximum of 5 years from idea to EU approval.swipp.se2017
Syntach ABLundSyntach AB is a Swedish medical device company, aiming to develop a proprietary cardiac assist device in order to improve and prolong lives of millions of people suffering from heart failure. The Syntach CS Device restores impaired movement of the mitral valve and naturally supports the heart. It is a permanent, active implant that can be inserted using a minimally invasive technique. It is smaller than existing left ventricle assist devices (LVADs) and is therefore suitable for both men and women of all sizes.syntach.com2012
Tendo ABLundTendo is a design driven Nordic company that develops robotic medical aid for people with gripping limitations. The company's first product is made to assist a person to grip, hold and release objects by pulling artificial tendon - like a puppeteer.tendoforpeople.se2016
TePe Munhygienprodukter ABMalmöTePe Munhygienprodukter is a manufacturer of oral health care products. The company offers toothbrush, special brush, interdental brush, interdental gel, and gingival gel, as well as matches, mini flossers, dental floss, and tongue scraper.tepe.com1965
TEQCool ABLundTEQCool AB is a medical technology company is developing a system for cooling the brain and body, mainly for sudden cardiac arrest patients. The primary purpose of treatment is to prevent and manage neurological fever in brain-injured patients. The system will support healthcare professionals to achieve stable normothermia through continuous regulation of brain temperature.teqcool.com2020
TG Instrument ABHelsingborgTG Instrument AB offers a wide range of surgical instruments, medical equipment and laboratory products of the highest quality for research, healthcare, industry and schools. We are a complete supplier in surgical and medical instruments and can assist with technical service. The equipment and instruments are manufactured with regard to current European standards.tg-instrument.se
Thyrolytics ABLundThyrolytics AB develops diagnostic device for measuring serum levels of free T4 and T3. In contrast to the convectional diagnosis methods for thyroid disorders, the company's technology implies one-step direct measurement of the fT3 and fT4 concentrations.aegirbio.com2018
Tigran Technologies ABMalmöTigran Technologies AB is a dental medtech company which offers a system for bone regeneration and implant fixation in the mouth. The company manufactures porous titanium granules. These granules are used to regenerate bone and provide a stable base for orthopedic and dental implants.tigran.se2001
Tilly Medical Products ABLundTilly Medical Products AB is a Swedish medical technology company that develops both hardware and software for medical use within fields like orthopedics, psychology and ophthalmology. The company's products include RSA Kits, injection needles, bead injectors, tantalum markers, etc.tmed.se1992
Tonttu ABMalmöTonttu AB develop solutions to the substandard information technology solutions in healthcare sectors. The triage handbook is a decision support for triage that helps licensed healthcare professional to refer patients and users to the right healthcare institution.tonttu.se
Transunit ABMalmöR&D Medical Devices
Now cooperating with Fluid Automation Systems, Versoix, Switzerland
TRIOMED ABLundTRIOMED AB is a medical device company. The company's product, Triomed CGI3 device for EHF-IR therapy is ideal for use in emergency situations. The device can be used as first aid to alleviate injuries and acute conditions or to boost the ability of the body to adapt to adverse conditions of the external environmental as well as during stress, strong emotional disturbance or psycho-emotional distress.triomed-sweden.com
Tunstall MalmöMalmöTunstall AB develops healthcare products. The company produces customized telecommunications care and telehealth products for the care of elderly and disabled people including portable security, internet protocol, and analog telephones.tunstall.se
UGLK ScienceLundA patented technology for ex-vivo kidney perfusion for reconditioning and evaluation of donor kidneys from uncontrolled DCD donors.uglkscience.com
Uman Sense ABLundUmanSense AB is a medical device company which develops solutions for medical challenges by combining medicine with mobile technology and mathematical science. The company is currently working on a solution to help stroke patients receive proper treatment in time.umansense.com2014
VeruTech ABLundVeruTech offers automated blood sampling with solutions for stress free, unattended sampling in freely-moving animals. The dilab® accusampler® system is used in preclinical applications in pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s and universities all over the world. Some typical areas of use are DMPK, safety pharmacology, toxicology and biomarker studies.verutech.com
VibroSense Dynamics ABMalmöVibroSense Dynamics AB sells a medical device which supports diagnosis of peripheral sensory neuropathy, i.e. nerve damage, in hands and feet. The company offers the VibroSense Meter II, an instrument for the early detection of impaired vibration sensibility in human hand and fingers, caused by peripheral sensory neuropathy.vibrosense.com2005
Vigmed ABHelsingborgLegal manufacturer of Greiner Bio-One
ViroteaMalmöVirotea offers services specially developed to fulfill the needs of retirement homes and special needs housing (LSS). Virotea has developed a virtual reality app that is used by clients within the healthcare and social care sectors.virotea.com2017
Vitrosorb ABMalmöVitrosorb AB is a Swedish medical device company that develops, produces and markets immunadsorption columns aimed to eliminate the blood group barrier of organ transplantation.

SECORIM©-ABO is a immunoadsorbation column designed to exclusively reduce the number of A or B antibodies.
VWR International ABLundVWR part of Avantor® is a Fortune 500 company that gives you access to product and service solutions in life sciences and other industries such as pharma, biotechnology, industry, education, healthcare, public sector and advanced technologyvwr.com
WiemaHelsingborgWIEMA AB's operations are focused on the dental prosthetics area, which means the production of individually adapted crowns as well as tooth- and implant-supported bridges and superstructures using advanced and partly unique 3D printer technology. The subsidiary Brånemark Integration AB conducts R&D, clinical studies, manufacturing and sales of medical products with a focus on denatal and craniofacial implants. Brånemark's subsidiary, Biosmile SARL, markets the company's products on the French market.2011
WordDiagnostics ABMalmöWordDiagnostics AB provides decision support tool intended to help in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. The company's tool collects information through an online survey and analyses the data with artificial intelligence, enabling clinicians to offer quality care in a standardized procedure focusing on the patient perspective and in doing so decreases suffering and increases mental health of people.worddiagnostics.se2019
Xvivo Perfusion ABLundXVIVO is a medical technology company, developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation in connection with transplantation. The products include silicone tubing set, lung cannula set™, organ chamber™, etc.xvivoperfusion.com1998
Zimmer Biomet Sweden ABMalmöOur mission is to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for people around the world.zimmerbiomet.eu1927

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